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About Us


Inspiration in life comes from many different places for each and every person. These are my inspiration, 2 of the most beautiful people in the whole world.

Family values start in the home and are instilled in your heart forever. 

My name is Giovanna Grieco, my journey in care started when  I was 16, I made a cup of tea for a lady in a nursing home, the look on this beautiful ladies face when I placed the  cup  on the table touched a place in my heart.

This is where my  passion began! I have worked in nursing homes, extra care schemes, prison service, secure units, A&E, hospitals and multi-domiciliary sites for over 34 years.

The biggest thing I have learnt  in life is that "people work for people" and Care workers are absolutely amazing people. Our hearts are beautiful and we enable people to stay at home, surrounded by their whole world, with our dedication and compassion for what we do. 

The reason behind Aphoenix Care is the passion to make a difference as small as each day can be, but to make a difference to one person each day, makes each day worthwhile. 

To build a family run company with a team who share the same values and who feel part of the Aphoenix Family is such an amazing adventure and we're making that difference every single day,  I am very proud to be part of such an amazing family.

x Team Work makes this Dream Work x 

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